Margaret Robins Garrett, US Navy

Photo of a woman standing between rows of bookshelves.

Name: Margaret “Meg” Robins Garrett

Military Branch & Rank: US Navy, Lieutenant

Dates of Service: 1971 – 1978

Villanova Degree: B.S., Nursing, 1972

Date of Interview: May 6, 2019

Interviewer: Michael D. Brown

Audio Producer: Laura Bang

Length of Interview: 47 minutes

Yearbook photo from 1972 of a young woman.

Belle Air, 1972.

Read an annotated transcript of this interview.

You can download a copy of this recording through the Digital Library:

Recording notes: This interview was recorded in the Rare Book Room of Falvey Memorial Library. The interviewee may occasionally tap or hit the table for emphasis, which is audible in the recording. In addition, the room is not sound-proof and other people were in the room besides the interviewer and interviewee, so you may hear some background noises or sounds from the audience members. This recording has been lightly edited to remove background noise from an HVAC system and reduce overly-long pauses.

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  1. As a female Nova Alum, I’m so thankful for pioneers who first attended after it went co-ed. Love that Villanova helped Meg feel a part of something, that she had fun and found an amazing purpose too. Thank you Meg and all Veterans for your service and thank you for this insightful podcast!

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